A Review of the Vitality Now 7-Week Protocol for Defeating Pandemic Brain

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Defeating Pandemic Brain is a health and well being manual written with the aid of Dr. Sam Walters.

Dr. Sam is making it his task to fight the “pandemic mind.” After the recent pandemic, many are dealing with mind fog and cognitive issues.

If you sense mentally exclusive today than earlier than the pandemic, then Defeating Pandemic Brain may be capable of help.

Keep reading to examine the whole thing you need to recognize about Defeating Pandemic Brain and what to expect from today’s guide in our overview.

What is Defeating Pandemic Brain?

Defeating Pandemic Brain is a cognitive health book published by former NASA scientist and international-renowned brain specialist Dr. Sam Walters.

Available exclusively via, Defeating Pandemic Brain is priced at $forty seven as a part of a 2023 promotional provide. You acquire the ebook in digital format along with  bonus eBooks.

Each reproduction of Defeating Pandemic Brain consists of confirmed strategies to enhance cognition, improve cognizance, and opposite the pandemic’s effects for your brain.

Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Sam warned people of the consequences the pandemic, lockdowns, and other conditions had on their brain. Many human beings are handling the effects today – despite Dr. Sam’s warnings. With Defeating Pandemic Brain, Dr. Sam desires to assist human beings get back on the right track.

What Will You Learn in Defeating Pandemic Brain?

Dr. Sam believes the latest pandemic has created a cognitive catastrophe in a sizeable quantity of the population. Because of the pandemic, many adults are coping with brain fog, loss of motivation, awareness troubles, and different troubles. Defeating Pandemic Brain objectives to help.

In Defeating Pandemic Brain, Dr. Sam offers established, actionable techniques to restoration an endemic mind, improve cognition, and repair your brain to the manner it become earlier than the pandemic.

Here are a number of the subjects protected in Defeating Pandemic Brain:

  • The reality approximately what the pandemic has finished to the health of your mind
  • What “pandemic mind” is, the way it works, and why hundreds of thousands of Americans are tormented by the situation without even understanding it
  • Why Dr. Sam attempted to warn the government that keeping apart people and locking down have been the worst activities for our wellness (Dr. Sam cites a Harvard examine verifying his worst fears about pandemic-associated isolation)
  • The 5 most giant effects the pandemic has had on the brain – and what you could do to opposite the ones results
  • How brain infection, if left untreated, can increase the hazard of Alzheimer’s disorder, dementia, and different degenerative brain situations
  • Why the modern approach to treating brain disorders is “all wrong.”
  • The “7 Pillars of Brain Health”

A modern, medical doctor-formulated protocol to opposite brain irritation created with the aid of the pandemic and repair your mind to wherein it changed into earlier than COVID-19

Who is Dr. Sam Walters?

Defeating Pandemic Brain changed into written by a naturopath named Dr. Sam Walters. Dr. Sam is a former NASA scientist and a world-renowned mind fitness expert. He has over 50 years of experience practising medicinal drug.

Over his illustrious profession, Sam has helped thousands of sufferers raise mind health, enhance memory, and reverse damage to their brains.

At NASA, Dr. Sam’s labored to hold astronauts’ brains healthy at the same time as in the deep, lonely reaches of area.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sam claims he changed into making “frantic calls” to his contacts within the United States government, caution them of the dire results of lockdowns on mind fitness. His words fell on deaf ears, so he wrote Defeating Pandemic Brain rather.

Today, Dr. Sam describes himself as “one of the international’s most important experts on mind fitness and memory.” In Defeating Pandemic Brain, he condensed the entirety he knew about how the mind works in an easy, approachable way.

“Pandemic Brain” and Brain Inflammation Can Weaken Your Brain

Dr. Sam claims lots of us have swollen brains due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The loneliness, strain, anxiety, and trauma of the pandemic led to infection in our brains, main to swollen brains and substantive downsides.

According to Dr. Sam, our brains have a separate immune machine from the relaxation of the body. They have specialized cells called microglia that guard your brain in opposition to invaders. These microglia are like a town’s emergency offerings: they smooth up matters that shouldn’t be there, combat off invaders, and keep the whole lot shifting smoothly.

Because of the pandemic, however, lots of us have faced “micro stressors,” inflicting our glial cells to enter assault mode.

When we face micro stressors over the years, our brain’s glial cells and microglia live in attack mode. It overloads the city’s offerings, causing the mind to swell to dangerous levels. It’s like you’re continually calling 911.

We Need Social Stimulation – Not Isolation – for Brain Health

Studies display older adults with strong social networks have a decrease risk of growing degenerative mind situations.

Mental physical activities, staying energetic, and eating healthful are all vital for brain fitness. However, getting social solid stimulation may be the first-class for mind health.

That’s why Dr. Sam believes the pandemic become so devastating to our brains: we had been instructed no longer to engage with our buddies or friends for months. We had been isolated, and older adults had an extremely excessive chance of turning into even more remoted.

A Harvard observe observed that pandemic-imposed isolation had devastating effects on brain health. Dr. Sam believes it’s going to take ten extra years to apprehend the outcomes of the pandemic on our brains entirely – but early studies looks awful.

In Defeating Pandemic Brain, Dr. Sam teaches you how to opposite long-term isolation’s results for your mind and a way to improve brain strength shifting forward the usage of proven strategies.

Top five Symptoms of Pandemic Brain

If your mind is swollen and infected, you may have a “pandemic brain.” Some of the most not unusual signs of the pandemic brain, consistent with Dr. Sam, consist of:

  • Brain Fog: Do you experience mentally foggy inside the morning or early afternoon? Do you every so often struggle to keep in mind names, places, and considerable outcomes? This is mind fog. Some mind fog is normal – like when you awaken groggy within the morning. Other brain fog is brought on, consistent with Dr. Sam, through brain infection. Brain inflammation slows down neurotransmitters communicating on your mind, making you sense slow. Many older adults attribute this effect to normal growing older, but it’s definitely an inflamed brain.
  • Mood Imbalances, Anger, & Depression: Pandemic mind and brain infection should purpose temper imbalances, anger, and melancholy. Your brain is your body’s manage center, and it’s accountable for managing your feelings. If you experience traumatic or imbalanced, then it can be a sign of an infected brain. Inflammation within the brain releases inflammatory cytokines that act as messengers between organs and tell the frame to combat contamination. However, these inflammatory cytokines can effect mood and conduct after they attain the mind. One study observed humans with melancholy had higher levels of inflammation than non-depressed people. Another look at determined human beings with clinical depression had 30% higher inflammation in the brain.
  • Chronic Fatigue: Chronic fatigue is the 1/3 symptom of an epidemic mind or brain irritation. According to Dr. Sam, many human beings with continual fatigue syndrome have huge brain inflammation. If you feel constantly tired – bodily or mentally – then that’s no longer everyday. When you’re tired, you make fewer wholesome choices – like skipping a workout or eating consolation meals. It creates a vicious cycle.
  • Compromised Homeostasis: When your body and brain are in sync, you’re in a state of homeostasis or stability. Your brain continues your body walking easily, and your body tells your brain whilst some thing is inaccurate. With pandemic mind or mind inflammation, however, you can harm your hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain linked to homeostasis. The hypothalamus balances blood pressure, coronary heart rate, and greater. When infection compromises the hypothalamus, it could lead to a preferred feeling of imbalance or unwellness.
  • Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease: Dr. Sam believes human beings with a virus brain have an elevated chance of Alzheimer’s. The pandemic triggered irritation within the mind, growing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Dr. Sam describes irritation as “the lacking trigger” for Alzheimer’s, claiming it begins a vicious cycle that ends with Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol

According to Dr. Sam, the seven pillars above can assist lessen the danger of long-term degenerative brain disorder and different severe cognitive situations.

When you follow the training in Defeating Pandemic Brain’s brain rejuvenation protocol, you may revel in blessings like:

  • Brand new, revolutionary approach to reverse the harm because of force lockdowns
  • Get the high-quality mind of your lifestyles
  • Rejuvenate and heal your swollen, infected mind
  • Protect your self against lengthy-term brain issues related to brain inflammation, together with Alzheimer’s
  • 7-week, step-by using-step protocol to opposite mind inflammation and repair your mind

Overall, Dr. Sam placed all of his 50+ years of mind health treatment experience right into a single text. Today, all and sundry can study that text to experience powerful benefits – along with the benefits indexed above – according to Dr. Sam.

Scientific Evidence for Defeating Pandemic Brain

As evidence Defeating Pandemic Brain works as advertised, Dr. Sam Walters cites 25+ studies on the authentic internet site, inclusive of trials regarding a number of Dr. Sam’s advocated treatment options. We’ll review the clinical proof below.

A study from Harvard Medical School located pandemic stress extended irritation in the brain. That have a look at become published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity and observed the COVID-19 pandemic “might also have caused irritation that might affect mental fitness.” inside the study, researchers analyzed mind-imaging information, blood samples, and behavioral assessments from humans earlier than and after lockdowns. Researchers located a full-size increase in mind infection after lockdowns, suggesting pandemic-related lockdowns may want to get worse cognitive fitness.

It’s also authentic many human beings join inflammation to Alzheimer’s ailment and that inflammation appears to be a risk element for Alzheimer’s disease. In a 2018 look at, for example, researchers observed a huge connection between activating the mind’s macrophages (microglia) and different immune cells and Alzheimer’s disease. When your brain constantly activates the macrophages and microglia, it results in infection, that may boom the threat of Alzheimer’s and different situations. That 2018 look at discovered irritation changed into “a important mechanism in Alzheimer’s ailment.”

Final Word

Defeating Pandemic Brain is a fitness and wellness guide marketed to older adults centered on mind health.

You can find out the seven pillars to decreasing brain infection in Defeating Pandemic Brain. By reversing mind infection, you can repair your brain, reduce the threat of Alzheimer’s disorder, and enhance focus and memory, amongst different blessings, in keeping with Dr. Sam Walters.

To study more about Defeating Pandemic Brain and how it works or to shop for the eBook on-line these days, visit the official internet site by using clicking here.

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